Material Reuse

The designers provided for recycling the condensate generated by the air conditioning to feed a waterfall that streams into the south plaza. The gaps between paving tiles on the balconies are a way to collect rainwater into our watering system. Additionally, the air conditioning condensate provides ten gallons of water per day, which is then diverted to the watering system as well.

Many of the materials used throughout the project, including copper, steel, drywall and concrete masonry, have high levels of recycled content. One little known fact: City Hall's carpeting is made from 100% recycled plastic! It is installed in tiles, so that only portions need to be replaced. When removed, the carpet can be recycled again.

More than 50% of the construction waste was diverted from landfills, with appropriate pieces of ceramic tiles, wood and concrete going to local artists and schools. The limestone was sourced locally, and is said to reflect the cliffs along waterways here in Austin. If you notice the angle of the atrium and how it narrows from the South entrance to the North, that is a representation of the water flowing past those cliffs.