Artwork #91

FLORAL SEA: Textile Print #1 of the Achromatic Series: Kept Within

by A.Tenille West

Graphite, micron pens, copic markers, and gold inking

Textile Print: Monroe Satin Fabric accented with embellishments, 2019

Courtesy of the Artist

"Kept Within" (#1 of the Achromatic Series) is a mixed media illustration printed on a monroe satin fabric. The illustration presents a female figure embodied by an emerging parade of abstracted flower petals. The achromatic color palette is inspired by racial rhetoric: white, black, and mixed. Through this series, I wanted to inquire: What does it mean to be truly black? white? or mixed? Race shouldn't be defined through rhetoric that isn't applicable to our physical composition because, in actuality, we all are of color. "Kept Within" is an exploration about racial identity, a part of ourselves that we shouldn't keep within.