Artwork #89

Tea Tells

by Glenda Adkinson, Council District 10

Hibiscus tea leaves, deconstructed domestic and commercial teabags, soft gel, tea-stained paper, found elements, archival varnish on wood panel, 2019

Courtesy of the Artist

This maze of recycled hibiscus tea leaves, on a background of recycled tea bags, forms a visual meditation for the eye to follow the path and tells much. Tea stained text adapted from Thich Nhat Hanh note the value of awareness while drinking tea and the center of the maze beams a prime insight for enjoying life.

Glenda Adkinson’s art is launched by a thought, word or a phrase. Texture, color, letters and mundane stuff evoke visual pondering in her work. She like her inspiration artist, Melissa Zink, was a late bloomer after a wonderful adventure in public education. Her work includes the Joseph Cornell tradition of box assemblages, configuration sculpture and mixed media constructions on canvas and wood panel.

Problem solving, deconstruction of stuff, and being patiently persistent as a work unfolds is the challenge and joy she experiences in her process. Her work is private collections throughout the south.


Tea Tells was inspired by the aroma and warmth of tea and the artist’s constant desire to stay in the moment. Let your eye and mind follow the tea and learn from the path.