Artwork #86


by Roland Garcia, Council District 1

Acrylic, 2017

Courtesy of the Artist

Much of my artwork is connecting experimental imagery and paint technique. This is because one sees, thinks, and communicates, in terms of contrast. So rather than only representational documentation, presenting a unique contrast of technique and imagery, is more interesting to me. Variety is the spice of life, after all. I do not want to know what my artwork will look like before I ever paint it. What would be the point? I would not feel it, discover it, while painting it. To only think it would create a distance from what I was doing. Also, making connections or understanding the dialog of one artwork to the next, couldn’t happen. Popcorn is about how individuals become whole or free, in spite of the mental abstraction from indoctrination or socialization, the current public narrative. Individuals are a lot more than the collective will. Unfortunately, it takes heat, trials and tribulations to discover one’s self. Thus the connection of encapsulated faces to popcorn, theatre seating in the middle panel and the sensation of the ongoing mystery taking place beyond one’s peripheral vision.