Artwork #83

Aqua Nova

by Kim Van Dyke

Acrylic and latex paint on canvas, 2018

Courtesy of the Artist

The concept of respecting the natural world in Asian culture heavily inspires Kim Van Dyke’s work. Subconsciously, she interprets these ideas and experiences through her artwork; creating ambiguous depictions of the world around us.

Aqua Nova is part of a series that explores alternative methods of applying materials and color to create organic compositions. By eliminating the use of traditional brushwork, Kim relinquishes control of the outcome of the overall piece. Just like looking under a microscope, her work is organic and primal.

The world is a perplexing phenomenon that consistently changes itself to thrive; creating an intricate web of possibilities of what is and what could be. Using her knowledge of the natural sciences and Pacific Islander aesthetics, She is portraying the wonders of our world.