Artwork #80

Sound Tree

by David Mills, Council District 6

Metal and paint, 2020

Courtesy of the Artist

Site specific sculpture installation designed specifically for the People’s Gallery. Partly inspired by the City’s claim to fame as the “Live Music Capital”, this towering “Sound Tree” is made from 13 metal tubes formed into the shape of wavelengths. Each tube is bent into the wavelength corresponding to a note frequency in a 13 note musical scale specifically chosen to fit the dimensions of this room. The shorter and more vibrant the colors, the higher the frequency represented. The colors were assigned by their exponential derivatives of light frequency equivalents.

Notes from top to bottom with their frequency and wavelength:

D#2 (76.37hz=451.76cm)

G2 (96.22hz=358.56cm),

A#2 (114.42hz=301.52cm)

C#3 (136.07hz=253.54cm)

F3 (171.44hz=201.24cm)

G#3 (203.88hz=169.22cm)

C4/Middle C (256.87hz=134.31cm)

D#4 (305.47hz=112.94cm)

G4 (384.87hz=89.64cm)

A#4 (457.69hz=75.38cm)

D5 (576.65hz=59.83cm)

F5 (685.76hz= 50.31cm)

G#5 (815.51hz=42.30cm)

*Tuning: A=432hz

*photo courtesy of Philip Rogers