Artwork #71

Even the Full Moon Listens to Falling Water

by Daryl Howard, Council District 8

Traditional Japanese woodblock print, 2019

Courtesy of the Artist

150,000 years ago, water eroded soft sand and shale… leaving only heavy limestone… then piece by piece it collapsed into the Hamilton Pool Grotto. This is the largest of 15 grottoes in a 5 mile course of the Pedernales River.

Hamilton Pool is right down the road from my studio in Southwest Austin. This iconic preserve is a magical place to hike and enjoy the natural beauty of the Hill Country. I chose to reproduce this amazing grotto under a full moon just as my teachers’ father, Hiroshi Yoshida, would frequently interpret his images with a day and a night version. Hamilton Pool is not accessible to visitors at night, so this is my vision of what it must be like.

This is an original hand-pulled Japanese woodblock print. I trained privately with master Hodaka Yoshida in Tokyo in 1974. I have carved nine different blocks of wood, one for each color. I paint watercolor on the carved blocks, register the dampened paper, and press it onto each inked block to complete this piece.  After the paper dries, I apply silver leafing by hand to embellish each print.

I love Hamilton Pool and to create it in this ancient technique is a beautiful thing.