Artwork #69

Try, Try Again

by Jason Buchanan, Council District 6

Graphite on paper, 2018

Courtesy of the Artist

Looking for a truth in a fortune cookie-

lucky numbers

lucky life

lucky way to be

at once you don't succeed.

The inspiration for this drawing comes from my interest of all things divinatory- the i-ching, tarot, palmistry, augury and of course the fortune cookie. Wouldn’t it be great if your future could be shaped from these tiny inscriptions?

With great anticipation I carefully crack these delicate cookies open thirsting for the secret knowledge they contain.  But to no avail, I haven’t had a Golden Egg of Opportunity or a Lifetime of Happiness. I’ve been advised to: try new things, invest in the stock market and pursue a new love interest. But honestly, I don’t really even like fortune cookies. They taste like cardboard laced with sugar. For me it’s the failure of these expectation filled treasures that keeps me coming back. That moment where all things are possible and my future is an empty page.