Artwork #62


by Dianne Sonnenberg, Council District 6

Mixed media, 2019

Courtesy of the Artist

This piece was inspired by a conversation in which my friend confessed that they felt their inner self was exposed, and how uncomfortable that felt to them. What I saw instead was a beautiful inner light and vulnerability that fully expressed their inner beauty. It was important to let them know that it is never a mistake to share truth and vulnerability and since feelings.   It allows our outer shell, the face we present to the world, to tear open a little bit, and to even break through and show itself in all of its glory. The work of art was born in that moment, and called to me to be created.

The inner self revealed in my sculpture is conveyed in 24K gold tile from Italy. This is the same material used in traditional Byzantine mosaics. The exterior surface of the geode tells the story of a life, as it’s presented to the world, and the people around us. It’s colorful, varied, a little haphazard at times, but also quite beautiful in its entirety.