Artwork #58

Life in the Clouds #3

by Tom Suhler, Council District 5

Photographic print dye sublimation on metal, 2017

Courtesy of the Artist

What it would be like to live in the clouds?

Moving through them?

Sitting on them and in them?

Would there be an up or down?

What would your world look like?

What would it look like to observers from the ground?

These are a few of the ideas behind creating this piece and others in found in the "In the Clouds" collection.

My creative process includes shaping real world environments for the dancers to explore and engage, making digital manipulation of my images unnecessary. All these images were created on set and in camera.

I wanted to show what it would look like if people lived in the clouds. This particular scene takes place at sunset.

This was the inspiration behind creating the worlds for characters to inhabit. This photograph and the others created over a two year period are about relationships. There are interactions between two or more characters while they live in this imagined world. Then there are their relationships to their environment as live within it. Finally there are their relationships to themselves as they contemplate the same thoughts and desires that you and I think about.