Artwork #50

Connie Koehler

Courtney Miller (Kabuki Syndrome)

Photography, 2018

I have had to overcome many obstacles in my life, like being able to walk and use my hands due to being born with mirror movements and hip dysplasia; being able to eat by mouth due to a feeding disorder; being able to be understood by others due to poor speech because of a cleft of the soft palate; being able to hear due to a hearing impairment; and trouble learning due to a learning disability.  I have had many surgeries and lots of therapy all my life. I was eventually diagnosed with Kabuki Syndrome. Because I never gave up, I love to sing and get to sing in the choir at my church. I can play the piano. I compete riding horses and have won buckles. I have a job working at Chick-Fil-A.


What I would like others to know is that even though I was born with disabilities and had to struggle a lot, I didn't give up. You should never give up working towards your dreams. Because of the help and love of my family and my faith in God, I can do anything. You can, too!