Artwork #50

What We Carry on Our Shoulders

by Angela Navarro, Council District 10

Acrylic and chalk paint on canvas, 2019

Courtesy of the Artist

I completed this piece in October 2019 as part of an initiative to showcase women pursuing their dream in the Arts, called Gifted Women Show & Expo. The painting as well as the show was about celebrating the necessary journey between having a dream and making it reality. My contribution to the show was the painting and a video of the making off the painting, where the public could see the process of creation as a metaphor for the journey.

The painting itself, also speaks for a journey. The body of the paintings shows a puzzle of organic moving parts, all contained by this figure sustained by two legs. Those organic-like forms represents all the facets of our lives, our past and our present, our interactions, our experiences… everything that makes us who we are. For good or for bad, it is everything that we carry on our shoulders.