Artwork #5

Green is Coming Back (Slowly)

by Angela Navarro, Council District 10

Acrylic and chalk paint on canvas, 2019

Courtesy of the Artist

I painted Green is coming back (slowly) in September 2019, just as the weather was turning from the crispy hot Texas August towards the more benevolent autumn. The underlying idea presented on the painting is of re-birth and renovation. A celebratory view of change in nature.

The mostly dark lines, depict the leafless vegetation, still dry and burned by the sun. All quite skeletal looking and mostly orange and red. The branches and trunks are white, reflecting the light.

You can find here and there the color blue in the background, stormy and muted, like a cloudy sky. Finally, it has been raining!

The green show up on different hues, still dragging some yellow, but coming back slowiy.