Artwork #44

Austin Towers

by Margaret Henkels, Council District 3

Low-fire ceramics with oil stick, 2018

Courtesy of the Artist

This piece is one of a series of large clay skyscrapers that I made while working in a tall building in downtown Austin. To look down from my window at the people on the street and in the boats in the river made me feel grand, but realizing that I was a little speck in one of the offices, just like the tiny figures in the hotel rooms across the way, made me feel something different – that I was very small part of the fabric of the community Austin was growing into. I’m still not sure what that will be. I like the inevitable uncertainty of it even as it makes me a bit nervous. It’s important to me that I’m part of a place that’s growing and healthy, and also important that we keep hold of our idiosyncrasy and character.