Artwork #29

With You My Well Is Full

by Camille Woods, Council District 5

Acrylic, 2019

Courtesy of the Artist

I think of all the figurative paintings I’ve seen in my life of lovers in repose. More often than not, the only stories presented are between a man and woman.

This painting is the Blue in a series titled ROYGBIV a symbol for queer pride. Each painting is one of the color of the rainbow. “With You My Well is Full” pays homage to a queer couple Radclyff Hall and Una Troughbridge (1916-1943). Marguerite Radclyffe Hall who went by the name John, is best known for writing “The Well of Loneliness” (1928), a coming of age story about a female protagonist named Stephen Gordon, who from a young age, struggles with her gender and sexual identity. Radclyffe and Una raised and showed Brussels and Dachshunds. " I put my pen at the service of some of the most misunderstood people in the world”. - Radclyff Hall

Like Radclyff Hall I hope to represent queer humans in art. I paint stories of queer couples that encapsulate the desperation and loneliness of the queer experience in Texas. Each portrait shows two people sharing a moment.

Some are alone and safe to love freely while others steal an embrace when no one is looking. To be queer and in love in small town Texas feels lonely, dangerous, and passionate all at once.