Artwork #125

La Primavera

by April Garcia, Council District 1

Soft sculpture, 2019

Courtesy of the Artist

Spring is my favorite season. It's a time when the colors of nature come back to life and rejuvenate my soul. My artwork is driven by exploring materials and my process. There is a tall shelf in my studio that is full of different fabrics of many colors and prints that I pull from to create soft shapes. The tools I use and keep handy are needle, thread, fiberfill, yarn, and my sewing machine. When I sit at my workspace to create a soft sculpture, I often will have a theme or idea that has been marinating in my brain and begging to be free. For this particular art piece, I was wanting to use all of the flower prints in my fabric collection and create a sculpture that was a representation of my love of nature, springtime, and

soft sculpture. Most of my artwork looks very colorful, biomorphic, abstract, bizarre. I just really love exploring colors, shapes, textiles, and prints and making strange shapes.