Artwork #124

EM's Bloom

by Vy Ngo, Council District 8

Acrylic, graphite, and oil, 2019

Courtesy of the Artist

For my 2019 solo exhibition, “The IN Between” at the Dougherty Arts Center, I created a body of work depicting the immigrant experience through large scale paintings, portraits and an installation. I interviewed local students from the Austin International High School, who are immigrants from various countries, including Myanmar, Cuba, Nepal, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Mexico. “EM’s Bloom” was a part of these portraits, depicting a young girl from Cuba who came to America in search of her dreams and to pursue a career in service of others. There is no greater privilege as an artist to share the voices of the under-represented, persecuted, unsung heroes, and future citizens of the community to which we belong. By creating basic human connections and shedding light on the commonality of living in two different worlds, my hope is to foster empathy, understanding, and acceptance of those who are different than ourselves and possibly lead others to personal growth.