Artwork #111

Track 11: Invisible Moment

by Suzanne Koett, Council District 5

Cyanotype on archival watercolor paper, 2019

Courtesy of the Artist

"Wide pain in the blue white break up

All paths divide

Life has a way of opening up"

The figure is heading on a path toward healing and reawakening.

“Track 11: Invisible Moment” is a song from To Record Only Water for Ten Days, a solo album by John Frusciante; with mostly drum machines, layers of synthesizers, guitar, and vocals. The music sounds like it’s stripped down but at the same time about to uncover something new.

The album tracks reverberate and resemble another dimension that nests deep inside the human subconscious. The songs suggest that someone has lost themselves and begins the search

for freedom, deciding to exist only on their own conditions.

Listening to each track led to the interpretation of the textures and layers of sounds which translated into the visual language, setting the tone for each artwork. Digital and film photographs, scanned drawings/paintings, psychedelic backgrounds made in Illustrator and Photoshop, and scanned hand-made Suminagashi were arranged into digital collages. After

creating a negative, archival watercolor paper was hand-coated with either Cyanotype or Vandyke brown chemistry. The contact print was exposed in UV light and processed.

Music, songs, albums, and environmental noise have been a lifelong driving force of where ideas emerge in the art I choose to make. This recipe mixed with the human psyche assists in peeling years and decades of trapped matter deep in the cells of the body and exposes a new way of existence. Trauma or PTSD can lead to either a path of annihilation or a path toward

healing and reawakening.

Each artwork is based off song titles from the formative album I listened to religiously throughout 2001 and often come back to. Over the 1.5 years it took to complete this projectthere was major exploration and discovery of the psyche. The figures are often portraying estrangement, isolation, and disassociation while navigating in scenes that wield an inexplicable powerful force. Perhaps a higher power that extends integration and association.

Made in loving memory of/dedicated to Parker Sheridan.